The Naz family grows


Baby Letcher

Baby Banasiak

Science teacher Sean Banasiak and his wife welcomed their baby son Nolan in February. Banasiak shared, “Parenthood so far has been full of joy and challenges. It is amazing how parenthood instantly changed my outlook on everything I do. Many things that once seemed complex now seem simple and many things that once seemed simple now seem complex. I find myself trying to embrace and value moments much more…it’s kind of overwhelming!”

Baby Beedie Laguna

Spanish teacher Georgina Laguna and her husband, former Naz Spanish teacher Christopher Beedie welcomed their baby daughter Elena on March 19. Laguna said, “Despite the craziness of the current situation, we are happy to be able to spend so much time together at home.”

Baby Letcher

Social Studies teacher Matt Letcher and his wife Brittany welcomed their baby daughter Amelia “Mia” Ann on April 7. Letcher shared, “The first weeks of parenthood are filled with moments that are both exciting and slightly daunting. Everything from the poopy diaper to every time you look at your newborn and think that you are directly responsible for their health and well-being. These moments make parenthood more awesome than I ever imagined.”

Baby Slabek

Math teacher Anna Slabek and her husband Dan welcomed their baby daughter Emilia Theresa on April 8. When asked about her experience in the early days of motherhood, Slabek said, “My students have taught me to be patient which has been an invaluable trait to have with a newborn.  I’m loving motherhood, especially the snuggles.”