Pandemic provides money making opportunity for teens


Isa Byzcek takes a selfie with her DoorDash mask and bag as she is ready to deliver food. 

Alice Hamilton

With COVID-19’s negative impact on the economy, it has been difficult for many to find employment, especially teens. Most of the jobs teens have  involve human interaction and during the pandemic were not easy to come by: babysitting, waitressing, coaching and lifeguarding were difficult gigs to find or were not possible to do safely. So, how have teenagers managed to make money?

With the popularity of food delivery apps this year, teens with drivers licences have found a way they could earn extra cash as contactless delivery drivers. UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash are among the apps widely used in the U.S.. According to Business of Apps, the number of food delivery users in the United States rose from 88 million in 2018 to 111 million in 2020. 

Some seniors have found their niche working for DoorDash as a delivery driver, or dasher. Dashers have the flexibility of choosing when and where they work and how much they earn. Dashers can choose their own hours; therefore, high schoolers with busy schedules can earn money in their free time in the evenings, on weekends and over the summer. Another benefit is that dashers have a clear and concise pay model so they will know how much they will make. 

According to the DoorDash website, to be a dasher you must be 18-years old, have a valid domestic drivers license, insurance, a clean driving record and a car, of course. DoorDash even provides excess auto insurance if there are any injuries or damage incurred during an active delivery. 

DoorDashing is great for teens because they can choose their own hours, especially if they have busy schedules. Senior Grace McGovern said, “I decided to start DoorDashing when I got laid off of my job due to COVID. It was an easy way to make money on my own terms.”  

The only downside in DoorDashing, is it takes up a lot of gas. Additionally, it could take dashers  into some sketchy areas; however, you do not have to go alone. Senior Isa Byczek said, “My parents get a little worried when I go alone, but since I mostly go with a friend, they feel comfortable.” 

DoorDashing can be fun: going with friends and listening to music makes it an enjoyable and easy job. Senior Adeline Almanza added, “I always go DoorDashing with a friend or two and we get time to listen to music and talk as we do the job. Even if my friend isn’t a dasher, I still split the money with them to thank them for coming with. It’s a great way to make money.” 

Ordering food online has become a necessity that will probably continue  even after the pandemic. So, too, will the job opportunities that these apps provide to teens looking to make some extra money over the weekends and summer.